Sensitivity to Culture

Whenever you visit a place, there will always be a culture shock. Since we belong to different countries with different point of views and different customs, we may feel annoyed with how the people live in their own land.

It is important to respect  their culture and nature because you are just a visitor. Remember, you  are not a native of their land. There is a saying that says ‘If you are in Rome, do what the Romans do’. Like this, be informed of their culture so that you will not be doing things that anger them.

You might come across India and you see many cows roaming around and even blocks your way. You can not just hit them or shoo them away. This is a ‘NO!’. Cows are regarded as holy or sacred in Indian culture because they are part of their deities.

In some certain cultures where people are so nationalistic like Vietnam and Thailand, you should be there only for a tour. They do not like to accept others culture and belief. This is why what you can do is to just tolerate them. In some areas, they even ignore foreigners. However, you can still find people who will befriend you.

In Vietnam, you should never wear revealing garments like low neckline showing your cleavage, shorts showing off your legs. Otherwise, you will be in trouble being expelled.

When you go to Cambodia, you will be shocked about their dining etiquette. The eldest should be seated first and the eldest should start eating first, unless the eldest begins eating, no one can begin to eat.

Besides all of these, do not get angry or show annoyance before the local people.