Beauty of India and Southeast Asia

Mayon Volcano, Legazpi, Philippines

It is not much to say that the most beautiful places in the world are found in Southeast Asia and India. India has a unique culture and spectacular views in their places. So many people visit Southeast Asia to see its beauty which is different from nations around the world. Each and every country has their own beauty hiding in it. Southeast Asia too has its own spectacular views. India is not different. Here are the amazing beautiful scenic views that you will find. If you have a time for vacation, please visit these places. The only reason I am posting this blog is for you to see how beautiful Southeast Asia is.


India is full of spectacular beauty like other countries does. If you have a time for vacation, consider going to this places. I just chose the unique ones that you rarely see in other countries. I did not place pictures of beaches which are common in all countries.

Darjeeling Tea Fields

The Beautiful fields let’s you feel the freshness of the place and you will be refreshed.

Key Gompa, Himachal Pradesh

Beautiful is this place for the unique location of the temple.

Nohkalikhali Falls in India

Water gives life to the people. This water falls seems giving hope to mankind to live physically healthy.

Southeast Asia

Underground river tunnel of Tham Xe Bang Fai, Thailand. Whoever thought that beautiful places are found underground?

Sumaging Cave, Sagada, Philippines

This is an underground tunnelĀ  located in Sagada, Mountain Province Philippines. In this cave, there are numerous rock formations such as horse, frog, turtle, pig pen, curtains, called King’s Curtains. The color of the curtain is really yellow orange, not edited.

Dam Sen Water Park

Dam Sen Water Park is the most famous water park in Thailand. It has modern aquatic equipment beneficial for all tourists.

Boo Sra Waterfall

The greatest waterfall in Southeast Asia, found in Mondulkiri, Cambodia.

Marine Safari Park

Located in Bali, Indonesia, this wildlife park is filled with different kind of animals.

Most Beautiful Mountains

Mount Rinjani in Indonesia

Mount Kinabalu Malaysia

Mount Bromo Indonesia